Kelly Khumalo angry over Senzo murder case: ‘The law is failing us’

Kelly Khumalo spoke angry, she loses patience with police action after failing to make any arrest on Senzo Meyiwa murder case while claiming that they have everything to find the suspects.

Kelly spoke these while she was in interviewed by Enca as series of questions concerning her lifestyle.

Kelly Khumalo angry over Senzo murder case: ‘The law is failing us’

“I don’t know why police have not found the perpetrators. There were fingerprints. A hat (belonging to one of the armed men) was found. There were witnesses.”

Clearly frustrated, Kelly said she didn’t know “what the public wants from me.”

She was referring to the constant barrage of allegations aimed at her, with the accusation being that she was involved in the shooting.

“Senzo was loved. It doesn’t make sense to me. I would know those men anywhere. The two that I saw, I would know them if I saw them.”

The soccer star was shot and killed in 2014 in what police have called a botched robbery. Police minister Bheki Cele said there would be arrests in the case by December, then “maybe even by Easter”.

Kelly, however, does not have faith.

“The law is failing us. I don’t understand why they have not found those people. There are fingerprints.”

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