K.O: ‘Hip Hop has now branched out, isn’t about music anymore’

Rapper K.O said the Hip Hop of today is not about releasing songs or album only, but doing more things out music industry.

K.O said that the way hip-hop was set up, if you were not in people’s faces you “are consigned to the backseat and obscurity”, He told TshisaLIVE.


That is why it has become so important for musicians to go beyond music and start companies and side hustles.

“Hip -hop has now branched out. It’s not about just having the big song, or the big album, anymore. It is now about entrepreneurship and doing things outside of music. You have to have a passion for things outside of your craft.”

He said that it may not be the “ideal dream” of rappers to go into business, but it was the only way to survive in the industry.

“We need to tap into that dynamic. We need to make a name for ourselves like Diddy and Jay. We need to be known for something more. We can’t just live off a spike (of popularity), we need to maintain. That is where your talent is really tested.”

He said this could only happen if hip-hop artists supported each other and musicians believed in their own brand.

“The industry is really tough and it can get really sad. I have seen so many people fall off because being a rapper isn’t just about music anymore. As an artist you need to push your brand without waiting for the call to come for you to perform. You need to be proactive.”