Julius Malema on Burna Boy: ‘Nothing can stop him from performing’

EFF leader Julius Malema says nothing can stop Burna Boy from performing on coming event because he’s one of our own following backlash he received from indigenous after promised to never set foot to Mzansi.

“I have not set foot in SA since 2017. And I will never ever go to South Africa until the South African government wakes the f**ck up and performs a miracle, because I don’t know how they can possibly fix this,” Burna Boy wrote after homophobic attack.

JUJU took his Twitter to tell people and other celebrities to stop attacking him, he said the Nigerian is safe to visit the country.

Malema wrote, “Looking forward to receiving and being entertained by my brother @burnaboy here at his home called South Africa. There’s no mascot that can stop him from performing, he’s one of our own and we will protect him. We must resolutely oppose regionalism led by political illiterates.”