J’Something said 2018 was hardest for him as he focus on 2019

J’Something calling 2018 was a hardest year of his life as he put his efforts to focus on 2019 just like others, setting some goals, mission and step forward.

In a post on Instagram, J said he didn’t wish what happened to “us on our worst enemy.” Although he did not go into details, he did say that he was thankful to have God in his life and also that he was grateful for the people who have been supporting him. He said that his spirit had been low, especially over the last six months, and there were people that held him up who he will forever indebted too.

In a different post, J said that 2019 would see him focus more. He said he writes down one word that he wants to see more of around him and for 2019 that word is focus.