Johnny Depp cool with he won’t be in ‘Prince of Caribbean’ reboot

Johnny Depp, 55 who acted as “Jack Sparrow” on previous movies of “Prince of Caribbean” is cool after Disney Film Chief Sean Bailey spoke of a possible Pirates of the Caribbean reboot without the actor to The Hollywood Reporter.

After 14 years of acting on that role, Johnny is saying goodbye to one of his most iconic roles, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp

Depp is feeling bittersweet…but not bitter. “He loves the character and believes someday he will play it again but everything comes to an end,” Source close to the actor told the Hollywood Life.

“So there is some sadness, but it allows him to do his music and other roles.”

“He hopes to be remembered fondly for his time as Jack Sparrow,” our source continues. “But now it just means he has to give us another iconic role to begin to love. He is taking it as a good thing overall that he is no longer in the series.”

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