Itu Khune’s boo responds to those trying to tear them apart

Itu Khune and Sphelele Makhunga’s relationship goes much strong day after day despite negativity they received from haters on social media.

The two are expecting to become parents soon, they’re looking much happy than before.

Some fans are trying to separate them following relationship story of Itu from other celebs, they’re proposing for Sphelele to leave him before he left her like other women.

One fan jump into picture of them shared by Sphelele on her IG, saying it silencing the critics, Sphelele said those trying to break the couple up are “bitter and sad”.

“I didn’t and still don’t give a damn about what they had to say, Yaz! Busy bashing other people’s relationships kodwa no one judges their sad relationships,” she wrote.

Itu has previously slammed criticism of his relationship.

“Can I live my life in peace please,” he wrote on Twitter late last year, before tweeting: “My life, my decisions”.