Is Gigaba pursue removal of his video on Pornhub!

It is not clear on whether the minister of home affair, Malusi Gigaba will take legal responsibility to the biggest ponographic sharing website, Pornhub to have it removed.

Social media expert Emma Sadlier says that according to the terms on Pornhub, Gigaba can have the video taken down and pursue criminal charges against the person who uploaded it.

“In South Africa, the criminal offense will be the crimen injuria pending finalisation of the revenge porn on criminal laws.”

But she says it may prove difficult to trace the anonymous user.

“Even where you get the buy-in of these websites, for example, they hand over all the identifying information they have. Even if you managed to trace that exact computer with the exact time when the content was uploaded, it could just lead you to an internet café without the CCTV footage.”

Pornhub policy allows for videos that have been uploaded without consent to be removed.

But Gigaba’s personal spokesperson Vuyo Mkhize says they won’t comment on whether they will pursue this.

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