‘I wasn’t black enough’…Pearl Thusi losing a role over colourism

Mzansi best actress Pearl Thusi said open up about bitter challenges she faced in the industry even losing the roles because of colourism.

“not being black enough” for certain roles, Pearl speak this with The Next 100 Summit hosted by Global Citizen last Thursday.

“I lost a role because I wasn’t black enough on Long Walk to Freedom, a very small role. I had it, and then two weeks before shooting I wasn’t dark enough”.


The actress added that it hurt her because she identifies as a black woman. She said that black women needed to stand united to bring about change.

“If we work together as black women regardless of your shade, we can move forward much faster and a lot more powerfully,” she said.

Pearl Thusi is not the only star faces this situation, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and other stars faces the same which is not good in Black community.

According to late president of Tanzania “Julius Kambarage Nyerere”, Racism is the bad thing and if people living with it, can cause curse among themselves and will continue to emerge on different level of the same community which is happening now within black people.