‘I still want to live’: Vusi Nova speaks after health scare

Vusi Nova speaks for the first time on his Instagram after health scare following panic attack landed him in the hospital this last weekend.

Vusi shared a snap of himself attached to a drip in hospital with an announcement that his success and drive may have caused his health scare.

“I ended up in hospital yesterday because I just couldn’t breathe! Apparently I had a panic attack! This has made me realise that I need to have more me time and just calm down,” he said.

Vusi said that the health scare made him realise that he doesn’t want success more than he wants to live.

“To want to succeed and being driven is great, but all of that also comes with stress and anxiety. So now and again take some time off because all that won’t matter if u don’t take care of yourself. (I) still want to live,” he said.

The comments section of the post was flooded with well wishes from people, including singer Phelo Bala, who shared their own experiences with panic attacks.

“It’s taken me years to conquer this and I still need to constantly remind myself that it’s only a panic attack. Many may even think umntu une drama or ufuna iAttention but the feeling is unexplainable to those who don’t understand. Uberight maan,” said Phelo.