‘I accept his apology’: Phat Joe apologised to Anele Mdoda

Phat Joe apologised after his joke comment about Anele Mdoda joining the Miss SA judging panel, she accepts his apology.

Phat slammed by fans on social media when he questioned Anele’s inclusion on the panel and suggested that she was just there to make up the numbers.

Anele wasn’t impressed with his jibe, so she claps back. When Phat saw her comment he laughed and apologised to her.

On Twitter, Anele tweeted these, “Just took a call from Phat Joe. He apologized. I accept his apology. Naturally he thought he was joking and it didn’t land well on me. I appreciate the fact that he did not want to dictate how I reacted in my defense to what he believed was said in jest. We live. We err. We heal.”

She later explained that she accepted the apology because she was also far from perfect and sometimes had to say sorry.

“I am not perfect so I am quick to forgive because I too say a lot of sorry’s,” she told a follower.