‘he crossed a line’: Julian Castro slam T.I.’s melania video

Former Obama cabinet member slams T.I for releasing video that show disrespect to first lady of United Sataes, Melania Trump.


“There are better ways to voice your displeasure for President Trump than by dragging the First Lady through the mud, and T.I. has gone waaaay too far…” Julian Castro said.

Tmz asked him about how he feels after T.I release a video featuring a lady look like Melania Trump as his personal lapdancer in the Oval.

Julian says there’s no room for lewd antics in our democracy. Although, we gotta say … that’s a funny response considering Trump’s exchange with Stormy Daniels today.

He’s adamant mafia rules should apply — as in, spouses and kids are off limits when bashing Trump, or any other politician. Julian’s speaking as a very interested party because he’s said he’s probably running for Prez in 2020.

Julian remembers Obama dealing with similar attacks, but he says that doesn’t give anyone the right to go after Melania. He adds, there are civil ways to disagree with Trump … none involve strippers.