Haters won’t destruct Dineo Ranaka’s DJing career

Media Personality Dineo Ranaka confident with her new career as she expects more from DJing despite cyber bullying she faces on social media.

Haters thinks she’s not right to be DJ as she’s gatvol of the hate that has been thrown her way ever since she turns into DJ.

Dineo Ranaka: “I have been raped by my own partner”

“Y’all haters still gonna spend your time mad AF cause I’m moving yo! To put it simply y’all staying woke on me but sleeping on your damn selves. I’ma join you though and give myself all that attention,” she said on Twitter.

The Metro FM personality recently launched her side hustle as a DJ, which was met with different reactions.

She faced more negativity when DJ Brazo Wa Afrika accused her of having played a mixtape instead of a live set while at a gig in Polokwane a few weeks ago.

She has since defended herself and made it clear that she was actually playing a live set. Dineo added that she would not apologise for being a fast learner and playing “so good” that people assume it’s a pre-recorded mix.

When one DJ congratulated her for learning the skill as quick as she has, she said that she’s decided to keep on shining and wouldn’t be bothered about naysayers.