Gugulethu Nkutha opens up about her past health struggles

Gospel star Gugulethu Nkutha opens up about her past health struggles as she expects GOD would heal her when the time came.
She had to walk around with a change of clothes and be on high alert, aware that she could start bleeding at any time. In her moments of desperation, she prayed for healing.
The Mayenziwe hitmaker was celebrated with the Community Outreach and Best Newcomer at this year’s Crown Gospel Awards recently. She told Metro FM’s Khaya Mthethwa and Thami Ngubeni that her initiatives to improve the lives of women across the country was helped in part by her own struggles.
She shared the heartbreaking story of her year-long illness that led to her having to undergo an operation to have her womb removed.
She said that she knew what the women who touched Jesus’s coat to be healed felt like. Like the lady in the story, Gugu also had problems with bleeding and said she remembered a time when she was in a shopping mall and started bleeding.
“I had to rush to Checkers to get stuff. I had to get new clothes and wash myself in a public bathroom.”
She said that she often prayed for healing and believed that she would, but a remedy didn’t come until she accepted her struggles.
“I believed for a long time that God would heal me until the holy spirit said that even the medical intervention was there for him to help me. The question is do I still believe that God can heal? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt.”