Gigi Lamayne reveals hardest she experienced in childhood

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has opened about tough situation she experienced in childhood, she said she was abused by her father also living in a car with her mother.
On BET’s “Behind The Story”, Gigi told Pearl Thusi hardest living condition she experienced together with her mother from abusive father.
Gigi Lamayne reveals hardest she experienced in childhood
“When I was in high school, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of around-the-clock care. After my parents’ divorce, I was left to be the sole caretaker and often found myself having to attend school with no lunch or textbooks.”
Gigi detailed a time where she and her mother lived in their car for three months and would often use the toilets at a local petrol station for bathing.
The Fufa hitmaker also touched on her father’s abusive outbursts caused by heavy drinking.
“My father’s outbursts sometimes caused us to fear for our lives when he threatened to shoot us with his gun. To this day, my relationship with my father remains strained.”
Gigi explained that although she didn’t have a good relationship with her father, she has committed to sending money to him every month, despite his threats to expose stories from her childhood to the local media.