Gig promises to love herself after discharged from hospital

Hip Hop rapper, Gigi Lamayne promises to love herself after reported discharged from hospital after tried to kill herself.


Gigi took her social media and apologized to everyone who scare after she mentioned a date of her death, she shares strong message upon her current living style, “Depression won’t win”, the rapper posts it on her social media.

“‪(I’m) home safe. Thank you to every single one of my friends, industry mates and supporters. I’m sorry to you all. Clearly I’m alive to tell my best story yet. I love you for loving me at this time of weakness. You made me strong. Now I work on myself. Now I love myself.”


Early this month the rapper tweeted her birth date and a “death” date, which read: “7 July 1994 – 3 November 2018”. She also shared another tweet, “The end.”

Everyone shocking with these messages but after few minutes she deletes everything.

The rapper is healthy and feels comfortable after succeeded to battle depression which is highly attacked athletes.

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