Frank Lampard says he’s not trying to copy Mourinho’s style

Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard says he admire his former manager but he’s use his own philosophy and not Mourinho clone.

Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs are expected to meet December 22, Sports lovers are ready to see clash between Lampard side against Mourinho.

Lampard said: “He was a good manager, with loads of good attributes, but I wouldn’t try to be a clone of anything.

“I’m happy to go up against Jose. To go up against him last year for Derby against Manchester United was a big deal for me, and that remains I’ll always have respect for him.

“But the bigger thing is Chelsea-Tottenham and what that rivalry means, what it should mean to our players and us, because that’s the beauty of football.”

The Blues have lost four of their last five Premier League games and Lampard is expecting another tough proposition at the weekend.

He said: “We’ve played a lot of games recently where teams have defended against us. We haven’t been able to break them down or take our chances, and then we’ve conceded the occasional goal which has turned the game against us.

“You would expect Tottenham will be a different animal. With the players they have and the threats they have and their home crowd behind them we might see a slightly different match.”