Fake! Sophie Ndaba denies selling bitcoin or skincare

Local actress Sophie Ndaba went viral again last week after some scam adverts circulated on social networks show her selling anti-aging cream and bitcoins.

Taking to social media over the weekend, Sophie posted a picture of a fake article linking her and hubby Max to a bitcoin service.

“Fake! Fake! We have not invested in Bitcoin. Latseba. I’m exhausted ke this social media nonsense! Yes, we all know our accounts get hacked but this is extra.”


She then detailed how a fake Facebook and Twitter account had been started in her name, mirroring her own account. She warned those who believed the account and fake news reports that they were at risk.

“Myself and my husband are in no way associated with Bitcoin investments. Or any other associated linked money schemes. Should you invest in this Bitcoin you will be investing of your own accord. We have not. Have no intention to associate with Bitcoin Investments falsely luring innocent families to invest with false information using our names and likeness.”

Sophie said she had been told about another article claiming she was endorsing anti-aging cream.

“I was also alerted by Facebook friends that a cream is trending with my name. I have not launched a face anti-aging cream. I have never represented any facial anti-aging cream to date. Please refrain from using any facial cream associated with my name!”

Reflecting on a turbulent month, Sophie said she felt her privacy had been violated by such reports.

“We feel our private space continues to be invaded. It’s enough!” she added.