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Yes I am a mother’s boy, the only person who stood by me all the time – Prezzo


The veteran artist of the new generation in Kenya, Jackson Makini aka Prezzo, has admitted that he is his mother’s son because he said that his mother was the only person who stood by him during the period when everyone isolated him.

Prezzo who became popular several years ago with the hit ‘Mafans’ said that when his marriage broke up, not a single friend showed up to give him a cheek and he remained content and calmed himself apart from his mother alone.

“My mother has been close to me all the time. He has been my name in all situations – bad and good. I have put my mother through very difficult times but she is the only person who always gives me a cheek. And he makes a joke saying there is no hospital or jail I don’t know, which is true,” Prezzo said.

The artist opened up about how his marriage with a five-star status fell apart despite spending a lot of money on carving.

Prezzo recalled how he spent about 5 million Kenyan currency to entertain friends who did not raise a cent for the wedding. But when problems arose in his marriage, not a single friend from the hundreds he entertained with expensive food and drinks, came forward to try to help them find peace.

“I spent 4.7 million shillings to entertain friends for my wedding. But even when problems arose between me and my ex-boyfriend, no one came to give us advice.”

“Among the friends I invited there, they ate, drank and danced, laughed and everything but you see when my marriage was hitting rock bottom, none of them came to me to try to fix things and I mean at the end of the day that’s what friends are,” Prezzo lamented bitterly. much in his voice

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