Friday, December 4, 2020

Katlego Maboe suspended on TV after abuse allegations

Katlego Maboe is under fire after his ex-partner, Monique Muller, exposing him for cheating, domestic abuse and he gave her STD.

The TV present is taken off from The Expresso Morning show after a video of him confessing cheating his estranged wife and statement on his Instagram account.

Cardova productions release a statement upon scandal surrounding their employee until further notes.

A statement from Drum Magazine reads, “Certain srious allegations have been posted on social media about Mr. Katlego and last night, a video was leaked showing Mr. Maboe seemingly admitting to cheating on his partener. We have been informed that a legal process relating to the allegations is currently subjudice.”

Following abuse allegations, the production decides to take off his duty in The Expresso Morning Show until further notes.

They added, “We condemn any acts of violence and mistreatment, especially against women and children, and therefore take such allegations very seriously. Until such time as the matter has been fully investigated, and pending the outcome. Mr. Maboe will not be appearing on The Expresso Morning Show.”

In a statement he released on social media, Katlego Maboe admits cheating his wife but he denied abuse allegations and giving hIS EX STD.

The statement read, “I was unfaithful to my partner during a very important time of our lives – an act I regret to this day. We are currently undergoing an unfortunate and painful separation which is being resolved through legal proceedings. As you can imagine, separations are quite a difficult thing to deal with, especially with a child involved,” he wrote on Instagram.

“In light of the comments made against me, I would like to state that I have never abused my partner. I have always and will always stand up against the abuse of women and children – in fact, the abuse of anyone for that matter.

“I had chosen to deal with this matter privately to protect and safeguard our child. At the end of the day, our child is all that matters to me. However, I will leave this to the legal system and let the truth have its day.”

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