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Amanda du-Pont|Back-pedal her dating rumours


Amanda du-Pont who is a media personality has called on with a popular blogger in SA to leave her name out of his gossip trending over that she’s dating a new boyfriend.

Amanda who tweeted on her twitter account putting straight that the video was manipulated that she even went far twitting the original video that clarifies everything said earlier by the blogger was just rumours.

TimesLIVE reported that the actress denied having a new boyfriend after the blogger said she was spotted with her new boyfriend in Cape Town.

Taking to Twitter to set the record straight she shared a clip of herself and her friends out together and said the man shown in the pictures was actually her bodyguard.

“The original video. An afternoon riding bikes and scooters with my friends. The image you posted seems to be a malicious cropped version to insinuate rumours. For clarity, the man in the image is my bodyguard. A polite plea to leave my name out your gossip.”

There have been rumours doing the rounds that the actress has split from her husband Shawn Rodriques. However the star has been spotted still wearing her ring.

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Amanda announced her engagement in 2018 after Shawn proposed at a surprise picnic.

“My darling you sweep me off my feet every single time but this time you had me crying! I said yes to the man I prayed for so specifically. Everything you are, is everything I asked for. Life isn’t perfect, but perfect with you in it. I love loving you. I am so thrilled to be your fiancé!”

Taking to Instagram two years ago, Amanda, to reveal she was married, expressed how her grandmother would say she was getting tired of waiting for her to get married.

“I lost my gogo last night. If you know me well you’d know she was my fave. Everything in my body is aching and so painful but I’m happy you are resting and no longer in pain.

“She promised to wait until I was married before she passed. Over the last couple of years, she would hint that she was getting tired. I’m married granny and I’m OK, hope you are too. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Perfect Peace.”

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