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‘The Movie Critic’ by Quentin Tarantino might be the director’s last film


‘The Movie Critic’ by Quentin Tarantino might be the director’s last film

This fall, the legendary director will apparently helm a film featuring a female lead that he wrote the script for.

The final scene of Quentin Tarantino’s career as a director is about to come to a close. He apparently has that movie on set after years of teasing that his tenth movie would be his final appearance in front of the camera. The Movie Critic, a script that sources are hailing as the iconic director’s tenth movie, is being prepared, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fall is when production is anticipated to start.

The movie’s plot details are being kept a secret, which comes as no surprise, but it is rumored to contain a female lead and be set in 1970s Los Angeles. There is considerable suggestion that the subject might be Pauline Kael at that time period. Kael is a highly influential firebrand critic who is notorious for her public disagreements with editors and filmmakers.

She was a leading critic for the New Hollywood movement and a close collaborator of Warren Beatty’s while working as a consultant for Paramount in the 1970s. She is especially remembered for having a significant influence on renowned directors like Wes Anderson and, of course, Quentin Tarantino. Cinema Speculation, a collection of articles influenced by Kael’s writing, was even released by the Pulp Fiction filmmaker in 2022.

Yet, retirement doesn’t mean he’ll put his feet up and unwind. Tarantino has previously considered turning to writing after his career as a director is ended. After putting down the camera, he could seek other opportunities after writing Cinema Speculation as part of a two-book agreement with HarperCollins. He also intends to shoot an eight-episode television series this year, which would be his first significant venture onto the small screen. After all is said and done, Tarantino has contemplated writing plays and entering the theater.

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