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Sonti Lurayi|moments before Busisiwe’s body was discovered


Sonti Lurayi, who stepped in to play the role of mothering Busisiwe after her mother Sandra Luray passed on, said the actress’ passing was unfair.

Speaking at the late actress’ funeral on Wednesday, held at Redemption Church, Greenstone, Sonti said she had a feeling she couldn’t explain on the Sunday Busi was discovered dead.

“On July 10, when I called Busi her phone rang unanswered. It was very uncharacteristic of her, not only to not answer a call but to have her phone on silent for a longer period. You heard Busi loved having long conversations and the best way to have constant conversation with us was through the phone.

“I got a sense that I truly cannot explain to drive to her house and I acted like a lunatic aunt when I started hooting like a taxi driver, and I didn’t stop until I called Freddie to ask him when last he spoke to Busi. I asked where Ayana was and he said she was with him. Part of me relaxed when he said that because if Ayana was fine, therefore in my mind I was convinced Busi was safe too.

“An instinct kicked in Freddie to drive through. Rhis man jumped a wall to get to his daughter. He jumped over the wall, got his spare keys and opened the house.”

That was when Freddie discovered his daughter’s body.

“We were there on that Sunday evening and when you look at a child, because to us Busi will always remain a child, you experience this complete unfairness, not for me but for Ayana because it is unfair.”

Busisiwe leaves behind her daughter Ayana, who everyone said the actress adored and loved more than life itself.

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