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Redi Tlhabi clears the air on ‘friendship’ with Dr Nandipha Magudumana


Redi Tlhabi clears the air on ‘friendship’ with Dr Nandipha Magudumana

Popular radio broadcaster Redi Tlhabi has spoke back to social media customers questioning her “friendship” with Dr Nandipha Magudumana.

Nandipha and escaped convicted rapist and assassin Thabo Bester have been arrested remaining week in Tanzania, 10km from the Kenyan border.

Briefing media at the weekend, police minister Bheki Cele stated the couple had been arrested with a Mozambican who allegedly aided them in their run from authorities.

Redi’s “friendship” with Dr Nandiph”a was once puzzled after social media customers shared a message Redi posted various years in the past reputedly praising her.

Asked if the pair were still friends, Redi said they hadn’t seen each other in three years.

“I’ve not seen her since February 2019. And with the end of her marriage to Brian’s close friend and by extension, my friend, we have not had any contact. I am shattered for her little girls and would still call the cops on her,” Redi said.

She also questioned how she could have known what Dr Nandipha would do several years later.

“People digging up old pictures like we should have all known that years later, she’d be smuggling a serial rapist out of jail? We should have read it in her eyes?

“When her now ex husband introduced her to the circle of friends, we should have all said ‘No, not pleased to meet you because in 10 years, you will be running off with Bester’ … I mean why didn’t I see that in 2013?”

Dr Nandipha’s father was reportedly arrested by police just hours after his daughter and Bester were nabbed.

News reported that police visited his Port Shepstone home as they investigate any possible involvement or knowledge he may have in relation to Bester’s escape.

According to a source, her father was initially taken in for questioning but was later also arrested,

He appeared in court on Tuesday.

Senior police sources close to the case told reporters the fugitives were arrested by “sheer chance” due to a routine police roadblock on the road to the Kenya border.

“We were not actively looking for the couple in that country because our intelligence informed us they were either in Zimbabwe or Mozambique,” one of the sources said.

Redi Tlhabi clears the air on ‘friendship’ with Dr Nandipha Magudumana

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