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Pinky Girl : Bonang Matheba’s role in teaching her about the entertainment industry


Pinky Girl : Bonang Matheba’s role in teaching her about the entertainment industry

Tebogo “Pinky Girl” Mekgwe is nevertheless attempting to locate her ft in the leisure commercial enterprise as she steps out of the shadow of her famous cousin, media character Bonang Matheba.

The IT specialist-turned-DJ, who first rose to repute after performing on the Being Bonang actuality TV show, says as she launches her YouTube channel she is taking with her the instructions she learnt from Bonang.

“I learnt a lot of things. I learnt consistency. You need to wake up and do it — and I struggle to get up … Sometimes you get a lot of discouragement from people who are negative and you feel you cannot do it — but when you have people like that around with you then it’s something, because life is not easy and you just have to do it,” she said during an interview on Kaya 959.

Speaking to reporter previously about her new venture, Pinky Girl said launching her YouTube channel was a way dispelling misconceptions about her.

“I’m so excited about this journey in my life. Finally, I’ve decided to have my own YouTube channel, as per your request to. I’ve been meaning to start the channel but my mind has been all over the place, not knowing how to start,” she said.
“Fortunately I have found a wonderful team that encouraged me to start, because they believe I have so much to give. Seeing from my daily life and the things I always say, most people think I’m funny and there seems to be drama there and it needs to be captured, since also my stardom started on a reality TV show. And I said, why not? Let’s do it.”

Pinky said her channel will showcase her daily life, from travelling, beauty and partying to her career.

“I’ve learnt that there’s so much hatred, jealousy, discouragement; you just have to be strong — and that everyone is on their own until you get the right team that believes you can do it, and that we are all destined for something, we just need to risk it and try. It’s not about competition but doing something I love too. Doing me.”

Since early this year, tweeps have been speculating Pinky Girl and her popular cousin Bonang had a fallout.

Pinky was evasive when asked by reporter whether she would be addressing the speculations or whether Bonang would also feature on the channel, saying “friends, colleagues and family” would make an appearance.

Pinky Girl : Bonang Matheba’s role in teaching her about the entertainment industry

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