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Ntsiki Mazwai|takes a dig at MacG podcast fans —‘Chillers are airheads’


MacG, who host Podcast and Chill has proven that he has loyal followers after a Human Rights Activist and Poet Ntsiki Mazwai who appeared as a guest on the podcast in 2019 said that ‘Chillers are Airheads’.

In an episode of Podcast and Chill, the 33-year-old podcaster invited Ntsiki Mazwai to weigh in on the matter but claimed she demanded R70 000 to appear on the podcast.

TimesLIVE reported that Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Ntsiki Mazwai slammed those who found the show entertaining.

“With all due respect, but chillers are bimbos. There is no depth or intellectual content. It is just loud laughing at stupid things. Chillers are airheads,” she tweeted.

Her comments sparked fierce debate on the TL. While some agreed with her others did not, with one user claiming she was being judgmental.

“Ntsiki, why is it that your intellectual content comes from a point of judging others? Can you start your own podcast and see if you can have intellectual conversations with like-minded people, instead of jumping on a bandwagon to criticise other people’s craft,” the tweep said.

She later apologised for calling them “bimbos”.

“Chillers, I apologise for calling you bimbos. Please let’s forgive each other. I reserve the right to remain silent about other issues,” she wrote.

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Ntsiki and Mac G’s vibe has been a little rocky.

In one Podcast and Chill episode, MacG said he extended an invitation to Ntsiki to speak about Ari Lennox’s Twitter rant calling Africans “peasants”.

He said Ntsiki responded with a demand for R70k if they wanted her to make an appearance.

Ntsiki responded to the Twitter posts saying: “Guys, please don’t bother me about what gossip-mongers say about me. I don’t really care.

“This thing is simple: if I don’t want to be accessible to you, I don’t want to and I will creates hoops for you to jump through.”

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