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‘Uzalo’ actor Wiseman Mncube opens up on how he became a musician


Award winning actor Wiseman Mncube has opened up on he ventured into music, he said it was not part of his plan.

We have seen some athletes worldwide venturing their career especially during the pandemic, because many got enough space to try other careers.

Many artists negatively affected by the pandemic, but to some extent it helped others developing new journey just like Wiseman.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Wiseman Mncube explained that though he never planned to do music, after Pick & Choose hit made him realise that he can be musician.

 “To be honest, I never saw myself as a singer or doing anything music related but uVukani called me and asked me and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got this beat, I need you on it’ but I was like ‘I don’t sing, this person is playing around with me’.

“But then he told me relax, let’s meet up and you’ll see. And then we met, I sang and at first I didn’t take it seriously because I am one person who likes to joke a lot — I was like I’m just going to kid around. But I am always trying things out.”

Actor Wiseman explained that when they got to the studio, he was briefed on what the beats and what to do and he then began to sing.

“I gave it a try to it turned out great. I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is actually a nice track.'”

The gqom song was released in November and has been doing the most on the socials.

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