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Pastor ‘Selwyn’ |Rapper turned pastor talks about being unbothered with fame


According to TshisaLIVE, Rapper Selwyn “Mr Selwyn” Ngwenya, who is now an ordained Apostolic pastor, says he is no ordinary man of the cloth.

The transition for Mr Selwyn wasn’t much of a shock because he knew during his rap career he was called for something bigger. He said there are misconceptions out there but he understands where people are coming from.

“They think I’m going to do gospel hip-hop. I’m not a gospel artist, I was never. They think I’m going to come out and be the traditional moruti (pastor). That’s not me. You cant blame them. Pastors are rappers. The misconception is that I’m fall going to fall into the trap and eat people’s money, use people and all that stuff.”

In his work as a pastor, he believes his gift is to bring out people’s purposes.

“Mine is to make people know who they are, I’ve got the gift to make you realise this is who you are, or make you question the way you are living your life. Are you within your destiny, are you getting what you were born to do? Something you do not have control over. This was a divine appointment for you to be here on Earth. I found out that once you get that nothing will defeat you.”

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Mr Selwyn is almost 50 and reflected on the fleeting nature of fame and the industry, saying other things should more important than fame.

“There is nothing great in being famous. Fme makes you have a low self-esteem because you rely on people’s opinions and when those people’s opinions reject you, you fall and solid in what is it you are here to do. A career as a musician lasts 10 to 15 years. After that if you do not have purpose your career ends.”

The newly ordained pastor said a world where pastors, hip-hop artists and others meet is fast approaching.

“There area lot of believers in hip-hop but there is a vibrant world looming and its going to be such a wave. Big names will come out to say ‘’m mentored by a pastor.’ Puffy is linked with Noel Jones, Nas, Chris Tucker they are linked with TD Jakes and the likes of Creflo Dollar and they go for counsel so that’s coming.”

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