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Mmatema Gavu Celebrates anniversary with husband “Tshepo”


Mmatema Gavu Celebrates anniversary with husband “Tshepo”

SA singer Mmatema Gavu and Tshepo have recently celerated a decade in their union as wife and husband.

The couple have been together for not less than ten years, blessed with two children.

Mmatema shared on her Instagram penning a lovely message to husband Tshepo celebrating their love.

According to reporter, In the post Mmatema said she and her husband launched their Young Married Fabulous movement to remind couples of their love for each other.

“My husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in style. We launched our new baby, Young Married Fabulous, and boy can I say the love we received was Godly,” she wrote.

Mmatema said the concept came about when she realised how she and her husband had fallen into a routine.

“We came up with couples night out concept after realising just how in routine we were becoming, how we hardly just hang out, how much we need to be out, and we knew very well we not the only ones, so why not create a night where we do all things we would do in a month, in one night.”

In another post, Mmatema recalled their love journey, gushing over how her husband is the perfect person for her.

“I’ve heard of and read love stories neh, but on the real, ours is my favourite. How we met and where we are 10 years later keeps me going yah no ‘God’s plans are definitely to prosper us’. You are so consistent, genuine and just an all-round incredible human being. I hear it even with people you meet for the 1st time.

“Thank you for always supporting me, always having my back and doing everything in your power even beyond to see me succeed. I know many don’t know but you, after Christ, are definitely the reason I am the woman I am today. You push me, you pray for me, you advise and correct me gently. You want what is best for me always and for that I will forever praise God.”

Mmatema Gavu Celebrates anniversary with husband “Tshepo”

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