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Lainey Wilson|Opens up How Her Breakout Song Ended A Marriage


Lainey Wilson, an American songwriter reveals how her song ‘Things a man Oughta Know’ ended a marriage’

Recently on the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Lainey Wilson recalled an incident receiving a message from a man telling her how her song ruined his marriage.

The Blast reported that Lainey Wilson replied to the message, saying she “brought awareness to the situation.” Even so, she was not proud of the song being a final blow to the marriage.

However, she expressed pride in the wife for being bold enough to leave the union as “it was probably a long time coming.”

The talented guitarist further spoke about the number of songs she created during the pandemic and how she used the period to work on herself. In her words:

“During the pandemic, I got to write 300 plus songs. I really got to just work on me, me as a human, me as a songwriter and an artist.”

She continued saying, “I think you’re going to be able to see a lot of growth, and I’m figuring out who I am a little bit more every single day.”

The CMT Music Awards nominee admitted that the songs would “sit on a shelf,” and some may not get to be out there, but they all served a purpose. She elaborated and said:

“I always say even with the songs that never see the light today, I feel like at least they’re getting me to that next song that might see the light today. You know, they all serve a purpose.”

Wilson’s songs indeed served their purpose, and her successful career could be attributed to her growing up in a setting where music was appreciated.

The “Things A Man Oughta Know” Soloist Sheds Light On Her Past Before Nashville

Wilson recently appeared on the “Great Day Houston” program, where she spoke about her journey from the small town of Louisiana to becoming a Nashville superstar.

The show’s host noted all the music star’s accolades since her last feature on the broadcast, and they included two ACM Awards, an iHeart Radio Award, and a 2021 Billboard Award.

Wilson admitted that the past year had been a “huge blessing,” and she declared that she was just getting started.

The conversation moved on to details of her background as the presenter believed not many people may know her personal history even though they are familiar with her music career.

Wilson said she had been into music for a long while, and she moved to Nashville on August 1, 2011. At the time, she resided in a trailer which led to her nickname, ‘the camper trailer girl.’

This year will mark nearly eleven years since the beginning of her journey, and although her earlier days as the camper trailer girl was memorable, she now had a pretty lovely studio thanks to her hard work.

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The 29-year-old further opened up about her hometown and where she spent her younger days, saying, “I’m from North-East Louisiana from a town of 264 people, 263 after I left.”

She added, “They know the meaning of hard work, I mean just a bunch of blue-collar folks who take pride in what they do, who take pride in working hard, and it truly is crazy how similar farming is to the music business.”

Wilson went on to highlight the comparison between farming and the music industry, noting that there were good and bad years, but you keep on pushing if that is truly your passion.

The “Never Say Never” vocalist was a through-and-through farm girl who grew up riding horses, and fortunately for her, her parents loved music, and they were pretty supportive.

Her father knew how to play the guitar and taught her a couple of keys, while her mother loved dancing. To her and her family, country music was a way of life, not particularly a genre.

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