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Lady Du | “Don’t chase fame”-music business needs smart people


Lady Du | “Don’t chase fame”-music business needs smart people

Amapiano sensation Lady Du took to her timeline sharing some gemstones with her followers about recording song and royalties and why the enjoyment enterprise desires clever people.

In the post, the Umsebenzi Wethu hit maker, stated she desired to share recommendation to artists so they do not fall into the equal traps as she did.

“Guys, instruct yourselves on streams and the tune enterprise I beg you. Everything you see on the net is no longer what sincerely takes place in actual life. You’ll supply up on serious careers questioning you can make this work, enjoyment requires a clever mind. Don’t chase fame,” she wrote.

Lady Du stated she had resorted to recording track at her domestic studio as she’d come to examine that whoever data the song or will pay for the studio classes would “automatically personal the master” of the songs.

“Do everything right, sign contracts before recording, I’ll advise you don’t look for a manager, take someone you know, teach them the work then find promoters to work with. Learn to do things yourself. Please create contracts before recording so you know your splits before leaving the studio. If you have a lawyer to do it for you even better. Also learn all types of royalties! Never record a song without finding out why you [are] recording it and what’s your benefit.”

Lady Du has had a lot to learn in the music industry since shooting to stardom.

In February 2022, the singer opened up about her management woes.

Lady Du said she came to a point where she wasn’t getting booked for any gigs, claiming that her previous manager, whom she did not name, was taking money from promoters behind her back.

“It’s sad that at times we have to smile, but we are broken beings. We have to give hugs to people when we need them ourselves. I’d like to thank you guys personally for being my strength, I’d like to tell you how important you all are to me. It is because of you that I could continue and not give up. I was not aware of what was happening, I thought I was losing my fire when someone just decided to have a say in my life.”

The artist later ditched her manager and took legal action.

Lady Du | “Don’t chase fame”-music business needs smart people

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