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Kid X | back to School to understand the Business side of the Music Industry


Kid X | back to School to understand the Business side of the Music Industry

Rapper Bonginkosi “Kid X” Mahlangu determined to go lower back to faculty to polish his craft and study extra about the enterprise aspect of the music industry.

Kid X entered the track enterprise and used to be affiliated with CashTime document label and RapLyf Records in the past.

Now he is set to graduate in June and feels he is won a higher grasp of what it skill to have a profitable song profession and a right deal at the identical time.

“My knowledge of the industry was still pretty much as an amateur musician. I did feel like I needed to get a better understanding of the business itself. With everything that I’ve been through in my career — I’ve been a part of two labels that ended up disbanding — I felt like maybe there was something I was missing. I needed to look at myself in the mirror and question whether I was the best I could have been in those situations and the answer was definitely a no. So I had to figure out how I can upscale myself,” he told Reporter.

Kid X partnered with the Revolution Media Academy in Braamfontein which noticed them distribute bursaries to aspiring track and had him focal point on studying how to produce track and analyze about the track enterprise as a whole.

It’s been a 360 diploma second for Kid X as the college is proper contrary Madison Square which he and his enterprise colleagues frequented in 2010 when they have been nevertheless coming up in the industry.

“I feel this venture has really empowered me, and made me a better musician. The music that I am making is starting to feel even more authentic because when I sit with producers I always have to give them a brief of what I want. Now I don’t need to brief anyone, I just go in and create.”

Having followed closely the careers of many artists, including American rapper Lupe Fiasco who has taught a rap course at Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT), Kid X says he foresees himself following in the same footsteps to help other artists better understand the music industry.

“I’ve committed myself to music. If I’m to spread music its going to be things tied to the music. In future I want to get into things like teaching or doing anything in linguistics.”

Kid X | back to School to understand the Business side of the Music Industry

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