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Khuzani Mpungose|Bar Leader’s Legend Manqele ‘finally’ paid me


South African musician Khuzani Mpungose comfirms that Bar Leader’s Legend Manqele finally paid him,

Taking to his Instagram timeline, Khuzani let his fans know he has finally received his payment for his reality show Khuzani Bo from the production company Bar Leader.

TshisaLive reported that Khuzani shared a snap of a banking notification revealing Legend paid him what was due to him on Monday.

“Greetings again. Mr Manqele of Bar leader has paid R250,000 that he owed me from last year. The money was paid today at 10:50am.

“Your efforts are the ones that made me get paid. If it wasn’t for them I wasn’t gonna get paid. What you’ve done for me may it also happen to other people and not just end with me.”

The star said he would donate some of the money to education in KwaZulu-Natal.

Last Thursday the Maskandi artist shared a statement on his Instagram putting the production on blast for outstanding payments.

In an interview with TimesLIVE on Friday, Legend denied these claims and attributed the dispute to alleged invoicing issues.

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“He has been paid. The only thing he needed to do is send his final invoice. We have it now and he will be paid on Monday,” said Legend.

He added that the show, which premiered on SABC last year, had the potential to garner a solid audience.

In an interview with Gagasi FM last year the star was more than excited for his reality show.

“I feel great to be the first Maskandi artist to have a reality show that talks about my life as Khuzani … it’s like I’m introducing myself to another market. It came at the right time … I’m starting the reality show from home because life begins at home … I want to show people that life is full of problems and we can solve them.

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