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Felo Le Tee|’How the heck do you wish it to die down?’ — defends amapiano


Tsholofelo “Felo Le Tee” Mokhine defends amapiano, ‘How the heck do you wish it down?’

Felo Le Tee says he’s not impressed by people calling for the death of the amapiano genre.

TshisaLIVE reports that, the Dipatje hitmaker took to his Twitter timeline, weighing in on the growing conversation about the possibility of amapiano dying out in the near future.

Felo Le Tee lashed out at tweeps speaking of the young guns who are still benefiting from the impact that the sound has had in the music scene.

“The way other people are judging these kids that are making their own piano wave is BS, to be honest. Sharp, don’t listen to the music or whatever new nickname they gave it, but don’t forget they are trying to change their lives and their families’ lives.

“Like, how the heck do you wish amapiano to die down when it belongs to you as an African? Like, it’s your own gold to build the African sound globally even more and while they bash the sound, people in other countries are banging it hard and you want it out? Like are you serious right now?”

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Felo Le Tee said the amapiano genre seamlessly penetrated into the global market because it could cater to people who loved different genres as well.

“It caters to everyone! There’s no limit.”

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