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Deep London |cooking up new album and Metro FM award


Deep London |cooking up new album and Metro FM award

Lita Kupela famously known as Deep London is grateful and humbled by the support and love from fans and family as he grasp a Metro FM Award.

Deep London recently shared about the new album he’s cooking at the mean time.

The 29-year-old, Deep London is the man in the back of the largest hits on Mzansi’s dance floors.

Born and bred in East London, is recognized for hit songs Hamba Wena, Piano Ngijabulise and Greatest Thing in Life, amongst others.

He has collaborated with musicians and artists which includes Boohle, Murumba Pitch and Nkosazana Daughter.

“When my songs play on high rotation it means so much to me and it means my music is quality. It meets the requirements.”

He recently released a single Ithuba with Nkosazana Daughter.

“The song is about love. It’s between two people who are in love, but because of the distance they had to separate and they end up reuniting. The lady gives a guy a second chance.”

Deep London received awards for Best Amapiano Song and Best Viral Challenge for Hamba Wena, featuring amapiano singer Boohle.

“The big break came after I released Hamba wena with Boohle. It made me realise hard work and dedication pays off. It’s an honour to be recognised for something I am passionate about.

“I sent her emails with beats, then she came to the studio. It was my dream to feature her, she’s one of the dopest vocalists. I knew someone who knows her manager.”

The music DJ, who’s also a producer, has not released his own music yet and he told reporter it’s in the pipeline, naming the biggest names in the dance music genre as people he has featured on the upcoming album.

“Towards the end of June I want to drop an album. It’s going to be a dope album. I worked with talented vocalists, Cnethemba Gonela, Soulful G, Murumba Pitch, to name a few.”

Deep London |cooking up new album and Metro FM award

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