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Deadpool 3| Has started filming in London.


Deadpool 3| Has started filming in London.

Deadpool 3 is still more than a year away, but excitement is growing for Ryan Reynolds’ return as the lead role  with a Mouth to the big screen.
The project has come to the top of the list as one of the major Marvel movies to watch out for over the next two years ever since it was confirmed that Hugh Jackman would be suiting up to portray Wolverine one final time in the sequel movie.

Collider has learned that filming will start in London in the spring instead of later this year, as originally planned. Unlike to the prior two films, which were shot in Vancouver, we now know that the majority of filming will occur over the pond. Director Shawn Levy had previously informed us that production would start around May 1, but we were unsure of the location.

 Hugh Jackman has previously made references to a multiversal explanation for Wolverine’s abrupt emergence. In this manner, Logan’s timing and significance may be preserved while still enabling him to play about with Deadpool in the forthcoming film. Also, it meshes well with the MCU, which has been extensively investigating the multiverse in its most recent episodes.

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