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Burna Boy|Burna Boy’s from Nigeria, he’s familiar with load-shedding’: Monyela hits back at Namibian MP’s power cuts jab


Burna Boy|Burna Boy’s from Nigeria, he’s familiar with load-shedding’: Monyela hits back at Namibian MP’s power cuts jab

Department of international relations & co-operation spokesperson Clayson Monyela has responded to Namibian MP Inna Koviao Hengari’s jabs at SA over load-shedding.

Burna Boy had thousands of fans singing to his hits at the DStv Delicious Festival in Kyalami on Saturday evening, with many claiming it was the best international performance Mzansi had seen in a very long time.

The star headed to Namibia after his performance in Mzansi, and Inna used the opportunity to throw some shade at her neighbours.

“Welcome to Namibia, Burna Boy! Here, there’s no load-shedding. Have huge electric fun.”

SA has experienced rolling blackouts for more than a week already, with power utility Eskom citing breakdowns of generating units and the need to replenish power reserves.

Monyela hit back at Inna, saying SA’s power problems, like Nigeria’s, are well documented.

“Burna comes from Nigeria. He’s familiar with load-shedding. The energy challenges in SA are being addressed and will benefit Namibia. Your country’s economy is intrinsically linked to ours. The Namibian dollar is pegged to the rand. I’m certain you are familiar with SACU & its benefits. Behave!” he said.

He added if the jab was a joke it was “in poor taste from an MP”.

Inna carried on with the shade, returning to Twitter on Monday to claim “leaders must do better for their citizens” and “not just make empty promises each election year”.

“What an epic Sunday! Burna Boy is a giant in his own league and something is happening today at 4pm in our neighbouring country. Leaders must do better for their citizens. Not just make empty promises each election year,” she said.

Monyela has previously defended SA from criticism by its neighbours, hitting back at Eswatini government spokesperson Alpheus Nxumalo’s claim that “SA is infested with a cancer of criminality from head to toe”.

Reacting to Nxumalo’s statements, Monyela said SA won’t “tolerate insults”.

“We’ll use diplomatic channels to seek an explanation from the Kingdom of Eswatini regarding this unfortunate statement by their spokesperson. No country is immune from crime. That’s why we all have criminal justice systems,” he said.

Last month he hit back at claims that SA’s crime rate “is on another level” and Zimbabwe is safer.

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