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Buhle Mda | social media isn’t real life


Buhle Mda | social media isn’t real life

Buhle Mda has narrated that the life seen on social media platforms isn’t real life and encourages on awareness to the users.

Buhle who has faced a lot of pressures from the social media has gone straight expressing her feelings on how the celebs use the media in raising attention without considering the audience who come across the contents they share.

Talking to reporter she said social media was not a reflection of daily lives and there was a need for conversations about what that world has become.

“Don’t see social media as real life. For me social media is a space where we can share whatever we need to share about whatever is happening around us but what you see on social media is a façade. The young kids need to understand that even us in the entertainment industry we have to uphold a certain image and I’m saying this from a very disappointed area of myself. Most of the things that we do, we want to be affiliated with brands so we can stay alive and now when we do such things we do them to get something back and forget that there are kids watching.”

She said the social media world is so curated that people have a hard time separating it from real life.

“Social media has damaged us. Social media is both good and bad. It has damaged us to a point where we don’t trust the powers within us and we need to see so, and to be motivated and to be inspired. I feel like these are the conversation that people in the entertainment and arts industry don’t talk about. We refuse to talk about those conversations.”

She said this why she has her satire platform on Instagram for her alter ego character Sis Getty.

“Sis Getty is actually a character that I feel like is myself but now I can’t be that person because I’m Buhle that sings for The Soil, that is this and that. So I created that platform where I talk about real issues in the most realist way. So we need to get out of our minds and actually tell people the things that are real and stop hiding behind the endorsed things that we get and remind the children that you need to work hard to get those things. Nothing comes easy as you see it on social media . Everyone that’s endorsed by five or six brands, that person actually worked hard for those things to happen. You need to work hard, you need to structure a team that will put you out there.”

Buhle Mda | social media isn’t real life

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