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Amanda Black |new single ‘Nguwe’


Amanda Black |new single ‘Nguwe’

Amanda Black returns with her signature combine of Afro pop, hip hop, R&B and deeply-rooted Xhosa influences to supply an inspirational message of returning to self and self-love with her new single Nguwe.

The musician, who has been letting her activist aspect shine brilliant in view that the Covid-19 pandemic hit South Africa, final gave her followers song when she launched her 1/3 studio album Mnyama.

Letting her followers comprehend she’s been challenging at work, Nguwe is the first single she’s sharing as she gears up to launch her fourth studio album, providing new songs with her signature sound infusing R&B, soul and tribal African melodies.

Amanda said the music on the new album reflects on the better and more hopeful space she has come to in her self-discovery journey and the single sets the tone and follows the theme of the album.

“The music is about falling in love with self, honouring yourself by self-acceptance. The theme and message is spiritual reconnection and trusting herself with her music.”

The song is available on all digital platforms. Listen Here.

In 2021, social media users accused the star of using her supposed “wokeness” to sell her music from her latest project because her political tweets often put her on the Twitter trends list.

The musician, who hasn’t let the naysayers stop her activism, has made it clear to Mzansi that she isn’t one to shy away from the issues that plague South Africa.

In an interview with reporter about her album Mnyama, the star explained why she has been using her social media platform to raise awareness about political concerns.

She believes with the clout she has as a celebrity, she can use her voice to speak on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves.

“I’ve realised my need to talk, I’ve realised my power to talk. I only attributed it to the music for a while and allowed people to tell me it’s only in the music. Now, as I am unfolding, I’m finding my voice to speak for people who can’t speak for themselves, to speak out about things that are affecting me. I am black and I am a citizen of South Africa, that on its own is something to speak out on … It’s because I have found me again, I found my voice again and I am here to use it,” said Amanda at the time.

Amanda Black |new single ‘Nguwe’

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