Emtee on leaving Ambitiouz: ‘I’m not owning house or car anymore’

Emtee reveals at the first time about his financial woes which left him without house or car, also he speaks about leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment.

He confirmed to TshisaLIVE that he was looking to leave the label but said that he wanted to leave “as clean as possible”.

“It is true. It is unfortunate about the how. I am trying at the moment but unfortunately I am surrounded by a lot of people. That is a lift for the next person. I don’t blame anyone for saying what they feel is going on but they need to be sensitive to what is happening behind the scenes.”

The rapper also confirmed rumours that he had lost his car and house but said it had nothing to do with Ambitiouz.

“They (Ambitiouz) didn’t repossess the house and cars. I don’t have it anymore. They helped me get it but it wasn’t part of the contract. It was simply that I had problems with the maintenance and it is a matter between myself and the agents.”

Emtee said he doesn’t have a stable home at the moment.

“I just kind of go where I can. My family isn’t with me, they are with Avery’s grandmother at the moment. I miss my kids but I try to be with them every day.”

He added that he had a “nice” meeting with Ambitiouz bosses over the weekend to discuss, among other things, a way to be released from his contract.

“That is the goal. I don’t want to do it in a bad way. I am trying to be as genuine as possible. It is unfortunate that artists in the past have left the way they did, it is not how it usually happens. There are certain things that are not being done for me. Mistakes are not being rectified. I hope it will be resolved soon.

“(Ambitiouz owner) Kgosi (Mahumapelo) doesn’t want me to leave, but it isn’t up to him and I made it clear that I want a new start. If I do things the right way, I believe that it will be resolved. I still wanna make music. I have been through the most and I am unbreakable. I am not angry or mad. I will get through this.”

Emtee said he made the decision to leave for his own future and to be an example to his kids. “I am trying to do this for my kids. I want them to see me as an example. I want them to see that I stick by my word and I had the balls to leave.”

Ambitiouz were not available for comment when contacted by TshisaLIVE but said on social media that it would issue a statement about the matter soon and hinted at it containing information about Emtee’s affairs.