Eden Hazard weighs G.O.A.T debate over Ronaldo vs Messi

Eden Hazard believes there is only one greatest player in this generation and not two concerning Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

‘Two G.O.A.T.s you say? No way. There is only one G.O.A.T (The Greatest Of All Time): Him, Lionel Messi!’ he told HLN.

Hazard recall his best memories of last year in Championship after his side defeated by Barcelona.

Eden Hazard weighs G.O.A.T debate over Ronaldo vs Messi

‘Those two games against Barcelona were not my best memories of 2018. I was happy to play against Barcelona and Messi, but I didn’t deliver what I expected. I was disillusioned.

‘My three sons were there for the home at Stamford Bridge. The eldest is a big Messi fan – all of us are Messi fans, actually. He wanted to see Messi that day, because Messi is a special player,’ he added.

Eden Hazard are among of players sided on Messi over the greatest player debate in this generation against Ronaldo.

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