Durban man allegedly hanged four children after final divorce papers

A Durban mother experienced a tragic loss after her ex-husband allegedly hanged their four children after receiving final divorce papers.

Young and with promising futures, her children – ages four, six, 10 and 16 – were murdered one by one, allegedly by their father.

The father was arrested on Wednesday in Kwadabeka and must still appear in court.

Prior to the death of her children on Tuesday afternoon, the mom said she had sensed something was wrong after the suspect began acting strangely.

“In the morning, my cousin told me that he had started a WhatsApp [conversation] and was very suspicious. When I called him, he said we’ll meet at home, but I could hear that [something] was not OK.”

The desperate mother travelled with a friend to get the children from school, while another colleague travelled to Pinetown Girls High School to get the teen.

But it was already too late, they were missing.

“When we arrived at the crèche the kids were long gone, and when we arrived at the school no one was there so we went to the police station.”

She said she also noticed she was receiving notifications on her email that multiple Taxify trips had been made to fetch the children from school.

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