Dros rape case postponed as bed still not available

The case faces a man who accused of raping 7-year-old girl at Dros restaurant has been postponed to the next year following as he was told that a bed at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital was still not available.

According to News24, he cannot be submitted to the institution for mental observation and the case was postponed to next year.

The accused, wearing a grey hoodie, could be seen sobbing and wiping tears from his eyes as he stood in the dock with his head down but still following the court proceedings.

State advocate Sanet Jacobson told the court on Wednesday that the accused was Number 14 on the waiting list for a bed and asked that the case be postponed to January 15, 2019.

“As soon as a bed becomes available, we will requisition the accused and he will then be referred,” Jacobson added.

The court also heard that the accused would be referred to a district surgeon on Wednesday.

Magistrate Ignatius du Preez explained that, despite the postponement, if a bed became available before then, he would be referred.

During a previous court appearance on November 1, the court granted an application by the State and defence to have the 20-year-old accused referred for mental observation.

The court also granted an application by the defence to appoint an additional psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, making up a team of four experts who will observe the accused while he is in Weskoppies, which is a state psychiatric institution.

Defence lawyer Riaan du Plessis told the court that there was a need to explore the mental state the accused had at the time of the incident.

He added that the accused had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and has been using drugs since he was 14 years old.

It was put on record that the accused previously underwent rehabilitation for substance abuse.

“He also tried to commit suicide because of the severe depression of having bipolar,” said Du Plessis.

Jacobson told the court that it was in the interests of justice that the accused be referred to Weskoppies.

“[His] criminal capacity might be a relevant issue to pursue because a substance was found on him,” said Jacobson.

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