Dr Tumi open up about his struggles with exhaustion

Dr Tumi has revealed his struggles with exhaustion, he asked fans to play for him following everything he go through.

Dr Tumi open up about his struggles with exhaustion

The gospel singer apologized for not responding calls or messages.

“Hi fam. Didn’t know I was this tired. I actually need a day just to breathe. To sleep early and through the night. Got so much work going on and my year is almost full. I need strength,” he said in a message to fans on Twitter this week.

He also asked his fans to pray for him.

“Please pray for me, fam. Love y’all and excuse my silence. Just gathering strength.”

Concerned fans flooded Tumi’s inbox with messages wishing him well and offering their support.

The muso returned to the platform several hours later to encourage fans to be true to themselves and never pretend to be something they are not. “Never be tempted to be someone else. You were made to be you. Created and uniquely fashioned to serve a purpose that no other man can. You stay winning when you live your life as God has planned for you. Be You. Be More. This thought just hit me. Ain’t gonna change who he made me,” he wrote.