Christiano Ronaldo admits paying $375K to silence his rape accuser

Christiano Ronaldo’s lawyers revealed for the first time in court that the footballer paid $375,000 to the woman who accused of rape in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009.

According to CNN, in a motion filed Friday asking to dismiss Mayorga’s lawsuit, Ronaldo’s legal team acknowledged he paid $375,000 “to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute.”

Christiano Ronaldo admits paying $375K to silence his rape accuser

Mayorga’s lawsuit, which was refiled in federal court, asks the court to invalidate the 2010 agreement on the grounds that Ronaldo and his legal team took advantage of her fragile emotional state to coerce her into signing it.

Ronaldo’s motion argues that Nevada’s statute of limitations and the confidentiality agreement bar Mayorga’s latest claims. He also argues Mayorga failed to present sufficient evidence that she lacked the mental capacity to agree to the terms.

Ronaldo’s motion claims the confidentiality agreement did not prevent Mayorga from communicating with law enforcement. Rather, the agreement “provided for cooperation with any ‘subpoena or legal process which may require disclosure of Confidential information.'”

The motion also accuses Mayorga of failing to provide specific details for when the alleged threats and misrepresentations were made, or who made them. Ronaldo argues that the allegations are time-barred by Nevada’s statute of limitations and that Mayorga’s actions after the encounter undermine her claims that she was unable to advocate for herself.

“The insistence [Mayorga] was incapacitated or incompetent to file suit within the applicable statute of limitations is completely belied by the undisputed fact that she immediately reported the alleged Incident to LVMPD and within months, indeed made civil claims against Mr. Ronaldo,” his motion says.