Chris Brown denies owning a pet Monkey claims

Chris Brown said he’s not the owner of the Monkey after prosecuters files criminal charges against him over having a restricted species without a permit claiming he kept a capuchin monkey named Fiji at his L.A. home back in 2017.

If the allegations are true, then Chris Brown could face six months behind the bars.

Chris Brown

Chris got himself in trouble after posting the video of his daughter Royalty playing with Fiji in Dec. 2017, source close to TMZ told the media prosecutors got it all wrong.

Brown is adamant the video was NOT taken at his L.A. home — it was shot in Vegas … where the monkey lived with a relative who was the REAL owner.

Authorities ain’t buyin’ the excuse noting the animal was taken into custody in Los Angeles.

But, we’re told Brown claims his relative happened to be in town with Fiji that particular week — and it’s all just a bad coincidence that makes Chris seem guilty.

He’s due in court on February 6 where he’ll plead his case to the judge. Stay tuned …

Oh, and as for Fiji … we’re told she’s been in protective custody and she’s doing just fine.