Wednesday, August 17, 2022
CelebrityZola 7 explains the reason on why SA artist die poor

Zola 7 explains the reason on why SA artist die poor

Kwaito mogul Zola 7 says South Africans are supporting more American content than their own that’s why they end up poor.

Zola 7 wants South Africans to value their own content on TV instead of American content, he said South Africans need to conquer TV.

“Until we conquer TV and change it and send ideas of Africans and sells idea of South Africa, then the grown ups are gonna continue saying the youth is lost,” said Zola in the video.

He said this is why artists in Mzansi struggle. He said if he is not pushed by South African media, then he won’t make money.

Said Zola: “You’ll hear the papers saying Brown Dash died broke, Mandoza lost his R7.5 million house, two of Zola’s houses were auctioned.”

The rapper also said people should imagine the amount of money that Samro pays international stars like Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Jay Z because of the airplay every year.

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