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Zodwa Wabantu says she’s more than her body & dance move


Zodwa Wabantu spoke about other things she is doing to the community apart from dance move and flaunting her body on social media.

Zodwa is excitement for Moja Love decision on renewing her reality show to second season, the reality star and dance told TshisaLIVE that she is more than her body.

“I know that people know me for my body and my dance moves, after all it is what I do for a living. But I wanted my fans to also see that I am about more things than just my a**. Even more than the brand, the business, the money … the life I have lived has a lot of lessons for people to learn,” Zodwa Wabantu said.

Talking about upcoming season, she assures fans that it will be “real and fun”, viewers will see other things she is doing to community.

“There are a lot of things for my fans to look forward to in the coming season, it’s gonna be fun and real. I will confront more people from my painful past and will also take them to meet my other family whom I’ve reunited with in Nelspruit.

“People will also see the charities I help with and how much I support women in prostitution work. I don’t judge them, I love them and people will see why they have my heart.”

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