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Zodwa Wabantu announces her mortuary venture


Zodwa Wabantu found new business opportunity, she announced her very own mortuary on Instagram.

As you know, Zodwa is unpredictable when it comes to her personal and business aspects, she always trying what is less competitive in the market, but mortuary…lol…!

Her mortuary venture announcement freak out many followers, she obvious find something unique but this one, mhhh! Is beyond our thinking…

We don’t know if this is public stunt or it just the opportunity our sis sees to keep her things away from competitions.

On Instagram, Zodwa wrote: “When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, I think of businesses to build. All are in my name, registering, building, making mistakes, failing, trying again.

“I won’t stop. I won’t act 20 years with my money in the industry but see me in years to come”, wrote Zodwa in the caption accompanying her post.

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