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Willy Paul is proud of the progress of his first son, King Damian


Willy Paul is proud of the progress of his first son, King Damian

Just days after celebrating his Russian family, love singer Wilson Radido aka Willy Paul has shown love to his first known child, King Damian.

Willy Paul introduced his son for the first time in 2020 and has only shown him in public a few times.

While celebrating Damian on Sunday, the former gospel singer wished him God’s protection always. Willy Paul also expressed pride in the progress of his first child.

“My son Damian has grown up Waah! One blood, different mother.. God, please protect my family,” he said.

The Saldido boss attached his message with beautiful photos of Damian. He continued to wish his fans a happy Sunday.

The singer spoke about his son for the first time in a 2019 interview when Damian was one year old.

Willy Paul said he was hiding his son because he is a person who values ​​his privacy and that is why he has not opened an Instagram account for him.

“Btw, I have a child who is 12 months old and his mother is an Arab, she just misunderstands herself. The child is a boy, his first name is King Damian. That was already a star. They have a little chance of fame because you don’t know if this child grows up like that is the life he likes, if he wants to be famous like you, he likes to have his own secret life when he grows up,” he said.

However, he did not disclose the status of his relationship with his co-parent.

On Friday morning, the former gospel singer posted cute photos of fellow white parent Viktoriya Shcheglova with their daughter Sonya Wilsovna and expressed how much she loves them.

Willy Paul was proud of the progress of his four-year-old daughter and enjoyed how she grew up.

“Look at my daughter Sonya, she has grown up! Time waits for no one. I love these two people,” he said under the pictures.

The musician, who has been surrounded by many controversies in his career of almost a decade, questioned what he did to deserve such a beautiful family. He also promised to continue releasing more music.

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