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tributes pour in for Franz Marx after death news


Tributes poured in for veteran director and writer Franz Marx who died after contracting COVID-19.

According to multiple reports from tabloids, Franz Marx died on Sunday, Pretoria after contracting COVID-19.

The veteran began acting career back in 1960s, he will be remembered for his participation on creating soapies during that time.

Celebs and fans use social media to share his memories and send condolence to Marx’s family after death news surfaced online.

Fellow writer Leon van Nierop is among of those celebs who shared devasted message of losing the veteran.

“Franz was bigger than life itself. His personality, the manner in which he gave criticism, his writer’s talent, his creative skills and the manner in which he worked with you (as a writer), and how he intervened if things on the Egoli set didn’t go as he wished, was remarkable,” he wrote on Facebook.

“What a loss. One would have been able to write books about him. But with this just first an acknowledgment to Franz as the uncontested and highly respected king of soaps. Many people who still write soaps today learnt from him. A giant is gone,” he added.

Singer Steve Hofmeyr took to Twitter expressing his grief at the news.

“Deeply shocked at the passing of my friend and mentor, Franz Marx. Different generations will remember different contributions from him. Among other things, he brought soapies to Africa,” he wrote.

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